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Cogent Alpha: Better process, better insights

I believe individual investors deserve access to better investment insights.

Insights built on a consistent and comprehensive investment process. Insights as to why a company’s strategy will help them prosper. Insights that dive deep into a company’s financial prospects. Insights that directly compare a company to the market, so we know why owning that firm is a better investment than owning a market-tracking ETF. Insights that are explained clearly so an intelligent & engaged person can easily use them to manage their capital – even if they’re not a professional investor.

That’s what I’m bringing to you with Cogent Alpha.

Cogent Alpha is a comprehensive resource that helps you beat the market. I explain what I own in my personal investment portfolio and why I own it.

I write in-depth reports on the 15-20 companies that I own, so someone that’s new to the firm can fully understand it and appreciate why I’ve invested my savings in it. This the core of the service: comprehensive pieces of research that take time to digest. It’s time well spent though, as these articles will help your investment portfolio much more than a flood of “latest thoughts”. And they’ll save you time in the long run too.

I do these detailed investigations to make better investing decisions. For example, how often have you seen charts like the one below? My approach allows me to explain how my portfolio will generate returns for me -via yield, growth & valuation change – and then compare those against the market. This discipline is all part of the Cogent Alpha service.

The comprehensive articles are the core of Cogent Alpha, but in addition to them:

I provide materials that explain why I invest the way I do, so you can become a better investor.

I track the performance of the Cogent Alpha Portfolio, as all research analysts should do if they’re charging you for their ideas, and I’ll advise you immediately if I make any changes to it.

I explain my views on asset allocation. FYI investors should have a medium level of exposure to stocks, and I’ll explain why in an article soon.

I use blog posts and discussion boards to update you on quotidian news about the firms we own.

These additional materials are all included with the Cogent Alpha service.

So where did all of this come from? I’ve spent 20 years analyzing companies and investment ideas from inside and out. I’ve been a strategy consultant at Bain & Co, hedge fund investor at Pendragon Capital, macro investment analyst at GaveKal, and a stock investment analyst at Goldman Sachs. I’ve also got an MBA from INSEAD and undergraduate degrees in Finance & Law from The University of Auckland. I’m from New Zealand, in case you’re wondering.

I left Goldman Sachs 18 months ago to dedicate more time to my investments. This has been great fun and has gone very well – this group of ideas beat the market by 20% in twelve months – and now I’m bringing these insights to you via Cogent Alpha.

Finally, you ask…with a good value investors hat on…how much does this cost?

You can try Cogent Alpha for free for two weeks here, and lock-in a special launch price of $595/year ($79/month) for life at the same time.

Normal rates of $795 //year and $99/month will apply from June 30th.

I hope you join the Cogent Alpha community – or at least sign up for a free trial to check it out – and this is the start of a long and profitable investment partnership together.


Note: This article was originally published on Seeking Alpha on June 1st, 2018.

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